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Annual RCD & Smoke Alarm Testing Perth

Although the Housing Authority installed the Residual Current Device (RCD) and Smoke Alarms in your home, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep them maintained and in proper working order.

If you want to be sure that your property is smoke alarm and RCD compliant and safe, it is always best to have a certified electrician carry out an annual inspection and perform more intensive maintenance than you normally would.


Electrical Safety Inspections

We can visit your home or commercial property and make suggestions on how you can improve your electrical home safety, as well as test your smoke alarms.

We are more than happy to schedule annual inspections for your smoke alarms and RCDs so you never need to worry about remembering to check them again.

Smoke Alarm Testing

Ensure your smoke alarms are less than 10 years old and work effectively.

RCD Testing

Ensure that all the power and light circuits in your home have RCDs installed.

Power Point & Switch Check

Check that all power points and switches in your home are undamaged and working properly.

Switchboard Check

Switchboard testing and replacement of old black switchboards with ceramic fuses, as they contain asbestos.

What is an RCD?

An RCD is a special device that immediately cuts your power supply if someone touches a live wire or connection and receives a shock. A property should have two or more RCDs, with your property’s circuits divided between them so that you still have some light and power if one of them is triggered.
With multiple RCDs, you can also avoid the nuisance of appliances with low-level leakage currents activating your RCD all the time. Any properties built after 2000 should have had two RCDs installed during construction, if not more.

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What is a Compliant Smoke Alarm?

Any smoke alarms installed in your home should

Meets the Building Code

Meet the standards set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) at the time that the smoke alarms were installed. If the code has since changed, new smoke alarms may need to be installed.

Less than 10 Years Old

Be not more be than 10 years old at the time you took ownership of the property, or when you became a tenant. Smoke alarms that are older will need to be replaced.

Fully Functioning

Be in full working order.

Hard-wired or Permanently Connected

Be hard-wired, or permanently connected, into the consumer mains power of the property in question.

Routine Testing

The Department of Fire & Emergency services also recommends conducting monthly tests of your smoke alarms by pressing the ‘Test’ button as well as annual inspections.

The annual maintenance we perform includes vacuuming out any dust that may have accumulated in and around your smoke alarm, as well as replacing the backup battery.

Eco-NRG is experienced with checking that smoke alarms and RCDs are compliant with the relevant building and safety codes. We have put together a package for regularly scheduled maintenance for your home, rental property or workplace to ensure that your smoke alarms and RCDs are always compliant and doing their job to keep your property family, tenants and staff safe.

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